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What am I allowed/not allowed to bring? What kind of bag will I be allowed to carry at the parades?
Bags are acceptable to bring. Bags such as backpacks, bladders, and fanny packs are all fine.

I’m an upcoming model or artist and I would kill it at a Renaissance Carnival or RCW event! Are you accepting submissions? How can I get a slot to perform?
Please forward all submissions to . If we’re interested, your team will hear from us. In the meantime, keep grinding and run those stream counts up!

What if it rains?
All Caribbean Carnival Parades are rain or shine events.

What kind of food will there be at the Parade?
Awesome food, of course. We will have all sorts of options American, local cuisine, vegetarian and vegan options included. Water, soft drinks, and liquor will also be available on-site for purchase.

Are there lockers available at the festival?
No, lockers will not be available.

Will I be able to take Uber or Lyft to the festival?

Will this be indoors or outdoors?
The festival will be held outdoors.

Ok, how do I obtain a press pass then?
Photo passes will only be granted to media companies. If you’re a photographer that happens to work for a media company and interested in covering the event, please email

Will there be ATMs available onsite?
The parade is typically held in downtown or main roads. There will be ATMs available in case you need to withdraw cash,but keep in mind the locations will be unpredictable. We recommend coming with your own cash. Note, there will be a service fee for using the ATMs onsite.

Where can I find the parade route map?
The map will be released ahead of time and will be posted on our site as well as all our socials.

Will cash/credit be accepted for merch and food vendors?
Yes, BOTH cash and credit are accepted at event and festival grounds.

Do you represent a brand interested in sponsoring the festival?
Please email and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Scion Faqs


Transfers and Cancellations

Can I cancel my Costume Order?
Yes, you can cancel your costume order. Please review the terms and conditions in regards to limitations, credits, and refunds. We often recommend TRANSFERRING your costume as opposed to cancelling your order. This in most cases is more beneficial.

Can I transfer my Costume Order?
Yes, you can transfer your costume order to another person. Please review the terms and conditions in regards to limitations, credits, and refunds. We often recommend TRANSFERRING your costume as opposed to cancelling your order. This will allow you the chance to sell or barter your package to someone else who is interested in the experience. This in most cases is more beneficial than cancelling your order.

I did not get a costume Can I be placed on a waiting list?
Absolutely, please contact each section leader directly, they each maintain a waiting list for costumes.

Will you resell any uncollected costumes?
Yes, all costumes not collected by closing hours on the final date of collection, will be made available for purchase to all interested waitlist masqueraiders that Friday evening. The sales transaction will be done on a first come first served, cash and carry basis. Management reserves the right to suspend this process at any time. If your costume remains unsold, you will not be refunded. If your costume is sold, you will receive a full refund minus transaction fees.

What is the price for resale costumes?
The price for all costumes is the advertised price as noted on our website.

Will the band house be open the day of the carnival?
No, the band house will not be open on that day. This is to allow our extended team adequate time to provide you with a premium experience on, Carnival day.

When do I collect my costume?
The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders, posted to our website and advertised on our social media channels. Different sections will have different distribution dates. The final date of official costume distribution will be determined shortly, after which all uncollected costumes will be resold at management’s discretion.

I missed my collection date – what do I do?
You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date until the end of official distribution. However, priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day.

I’ve purchased a costume from a reveller. How do I transfer the costume to my name?
Renaissance Carnival does not facilitate costume transfers.

Can I make partial payments towards my costume?
Yes, you can make partial payments up until your final payment date.

Do you accept payment via PayPal/CashApp?
No, payments via PayPal/CashApp are not accepted.

Will there be a debit/credit card machine available at the band house?
No, no checks are accepted.

Where does the band meet?
The starting point is TBD however, an email will be sent out the day before with all information needed.

What time should we assemble at the stadium?
Masqueraders should assemble at 2pm.

Will breakfast be provided at the stadium?
Yes, a light breakfast will be provided to members of Renaissance Carnival.

I have on my costume, why do I have to wear my wristband?
Your security band identifies you as a member of Scion Carnival and also provides you with all of the amenities covered under your costume package. Please keep the band secure and do not remove the band unless requested.

I signed up for one section, but now I have changed my mind. Can I switch sections?
No, sections changes will not be permitted.

Can my husband/wife/partner parade in the band?
Absolutely, but Scion Carnival only allows paying masqueraders to celebrate in the band. Non-masqueraders may observe from the sidelines outside the security ropes, however they will not be allowed to participate.

If my husband/wife/partner/friend is registered in a different section, can we still parade together?
Yes, there would be a short moment when all persons need to gather in their specific sections for judging. Once this is over, you are free to have #fun with everyone in the band.

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