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Nzinga Carnival

The Ultimate Misfits Mas Experience
June 19th, 2022, Washington, D.C.




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The Monarch Encounter

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We are excited to announce that the listed Carnivals are indeed confirmed for 2022. This will be an unprecedented global gathering for the international Soca and Carnival community. Rest assured that we are extremely excited and proud to offer you UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES during the carnival parades day.

Please keep in mind that we operate in full accordance with state and federal gathering requirements. Therefore, our DeLūxe costume band and sections are extremely limited, in fact a bit exclusive. Not to worry, you will still have the same energetic and pampered experience that you are accustomed to!

Historically we sell out of costumes and packages within weeks of our pre-registration launch. With that being said, we encourage you to pre-register as soon as possible. Simply click the destination to begin your journey NOW!

The Monarch Encounter

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